Project Artaud Corporation

499 Alabama Street, San Francisco,
CA 94110 * phone 415.621.4240 * fax 415.621.3824

 Please send your completed application
along with

two self-addressed stamped envelopes

and three self addressed stamped postcards

to the Project Artaud Office.

You can also come by during office hours to drop off your application.

Project Artaud Membership Application

DATE of application: Month:_____________________
Day:________ Year:__________

Name(s) :________________________________________________


Street Address____________________________________________

State___________ Zip________________

Phone – Type: (home / work / studio / cell) Area code:________Number:________________

Type: (home / work / studio / cell) Area code:________Number:________________

Fax: Area code: ______ Number: ____________________


Web Page ______________________________

Do you know any current or past members of Project Artaud?
Yes / No If yes, who?


Number of adults in household ______ Number of children
in household ______

Ages of children______

Do you have pets? Yes / No What kind and how many-


Project Artaud considers need a factor in evaluating membership
applications. Please indicate the total household income
level for the past calendar year for ALL persons applying
for membership. (You may be required to submit an income tax return
or other verification of income.)

__under $10,000 __$21,000-30,000

__$10,000-20,000 __over $31 ,000

Monthly dues are based on the number of square feet in
a space. Members also pay for utilities and common charges. What
is the maximum total amount you could afford per month?

___Under $100






___Over $1000



Primary Creative Pursuits: (check two)

___Arts Administration

___Arts Education

___Artisan – Ceramics

___Artisan – Glassmaking

___Artisan – Jewelry

___Artisan – Textiles / Weaving

___Artisan – Woodworking

___Artisan – Other
___MultiMedia – Digital Arts

___MultiMedia – Filmaking / Video

___MultiMedia – TV / Radio

___MultiMedia – Sound / Light

___Performing Arts – Dance

___Performing Arts – Drama

___Performing Arts – Playwright

___Performing Arts – Musician

___Performing Arts – Composer

___Performing Arts – Other



___Visual Artist – Painter

___Visual Artist – Printmaker

___Visual ArtistPhotographer

____Visual Artist
– Sculptor

___Visual Artist – Other

What size space do you want? (Give a range in square feet)







___over 1400

___no preference

Specify any special preferences or requirements
e. g. northern light, dance floor, darkroom, etc.



New members are required to pay for existing improvements
before they move in. What is the most that you could afford?

 ___Under $5000  ___$21,000-25,000  ___Need to Borrow it
 ___$5,000-10,000  ___$26,000-30,000  Other:____________________


 ___$11,000-15,000   ___0ver $30,000

How would your membership in Project Artaud advance your career
as an artist?

How would you use your space at Project Artaud?

How will you contribute to the Project Artaud community?

Have you ever lived in a cooperative or communal environment
? If so, please describe:

Project Artaud requests that its members participate in the governance
and occasionally the maintenance of the building. What experience
/interest do you have in these areas?

How did you find out about Project Artaud?

Comments/Additional Information:

End of form: Project Artaud Membership