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Overview of Solar Photovoltaic Plant Proposal


Pictured on left:

heaters installed in 1986.

Project Artaud has a large roof and grounds
that are available for a photovoltaic power plant.

About 40,000 sf is available in three phases.

Our building is relatively simple to work with since all power comes into one
place and is industrial grade.

The roofs are flat and obstructions are few.

The initial installation should easily accomodate all additional added power
as each phase is completed.

We are in the sunniest part of San Francisco and we are ready to lease our
roof for power generation at mimimal cost to either manufacturers or the City
government or both.

Since we must do a city-required major seismic upgrade over the next few years,
we are unable to fund anything upfront at this point. Yet that is no reason
to avoid a power plant proposal.

Any vendor or sponsor can install a power system in our viable space, and we
will accomodate your needs.State power grants and any forthcoming arts grants
are always an option to improve the economic overhead. Therefore, we are proposing
a vendor and/or city financed power installation with the resulting power and
any excess net-metering profits split between all.

We are in this for the long-haul, so estimates and proposals should be
based on a plan that is well thought out and economical for all parties
involved. The future is on our side! In this
report details and pictures can be found
on square footage, hookup
to net metering, and a potential for cogeneration systems. Although an
estimate can be based on this report, a walk-through is recommended.