ODC Director Note2

ODC in Residence at PAT – a new partnership

This spring, ODC Theater embarks on the incredible
journey of renovating and expanding its 17th Street facility, the building
ODC has called home for 29 years. Like all transformations, this one has come
with many unexpected felicities, among them the terrifically warm welcome
we’ve received from Project Artaud Theater, where we will house our
programming for the duration of construction.

With its magnificent height, post-industrial grit,
floor to ceiling windows, and deliciously controversial history, the Project
Artaud Theater is a major cultural landmark, and we are delighted to be in
partnership. In planning for 2008, we selected works that make the most of
Artaud’s legendary attributes: aerial work that needs 35 ft ceilings;
dances and theater pieces rich with big visuals and striking imagery; and
3 topically curated festivals that both honor our community’s artistic
resources and also represent some of the nation’s most exciting new

To launch our partnership, we’re celebrating
with an opening festival called “For the Record,” which takes
advantage of this being an election year. Checking all soap boxes at the door,
we asked four artists to take on the idea of politics, to tap into the struggles
and delights of living in our country at this critical juncture and illuminate
the changes they would like to see. We’ve arrived at four incredible
works, each tackling a different political hot button: environmental change,
sexuality, immigrant experience, and the state of our governmental system.

We hope you find them as intellectually intriguing,
emotionally moving, and visually stunning as we do. Come be a part of this
history in the making. Be a contributor to the tipping point, regardless of
which way you lean.

Rob Bailis

Director, ODC Theater


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