Project Artaud
Open Studios 2004
October 9, 10
11 AM to 6 PM
Press Release


Press Release:
San Francisco Open Studios at Project Artaud
08 & 10 October, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM – Free
499 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
Contact phone: (415) 621-4240

Twenty-One visual artists from Project Artaud will be part of San Francisco Open Studios during the weekend of October 9, & 10 from 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM. They will be showing exciting new work ranging from realist oil painting, expressionist graphics, documentary photography, to large-scale digital prints. Many of these artists have contributed to the Project Artaud Mural on 17th,  Alabama,  and Florida Streets. A closing party will occur on Sunday,  October 10,  at 7:00pm.

The participating Artaud Artists are: Laurie Anderson (Painting), Keith Bjorkman (Drawing & Graphics), Jeffrey Blankfort (Photography), Robt. Burg (Painting), Victor Cartagena (Mixed Media), Phil Deal (Painting), Tommy Deschaine (Photography), Dale Erickson (Painting), Katia Fuentes (Photography), Jane Grossenbacher (Photography & Printmaking), Stanley Karter (Photography), Carolina Lucero-Funes (Sculpture & Painting), Javier Manrique (Printmaking & Painting), Carrie Nardello (Painting), Alon Picker (Photography), Quorey Golob (Painting & Sculpture), Morgan Raimond (Sculpture), Bern Rauch (Painting), Jonah Roll (Painting), Pico Sanchez (Painting & Printmaking), Clarence Towers (Photography).


Project Artaud is a non-profit, member-run organization providing housing and support for artists and arts activities.
In 1925, the property that now houses Project Artaud was built as a tooling factory for the American Can Company. Over the years it served many purposes. During WW II airplane parts were manufactured in the large space that would later become Theater Artaud.
In 1971, a group of artists moved into the then vacant building and named it after the avant-garde French theater artist, Antonin Artaud (1896-1948). In 1989, full legal status was granted to Project Artaud, thus defining the new live/work code for the city of San Francisco.
In member public spaces, Project Artaud houses the well respected Southern Exposure Gallery, A Traveling Jewish Theater, Theater of Yugen/Noh Space, Contraband Dance Company, Mariposa Studio, Phil Deal Performance Gallery, and Project Artaud Theater.
Directions to Artaud
MUNI – Lines 22 and 33 stop at 16th and Harrison. Line 27 has a stop at Bryant and 17th.
BART – The nearest Station is at 16th and Mission. Go east on 16th (4 blocks) to Alabama. Then South on Alabama 2 blocks.
By Auto: From the South: Take 101 North to Vermont St exit (next after Cesar Chavez/Army). Left on Vermont, left on 17th to Alabama (approx 7 blocks). From the East: Take the Bay Bridge and exit 9th St.; veer left on Harrison (one way), left on 17th; one block to Alabama. From the North: Take Van Ness south; cross Market St. and continue on South Van Ness; turn left on 17th; go five blocks to Alabama.

Office and Open Studios entrance at 425 Alabama Street San Francisco, CA 94110.


Laurie Anderson
Studio #314


Drawings, prints, and modified objects.



“Lock,”  2004,  8 x 10"

Ink and gouache on rag paper 



Keith Bjokman
Drawing & Graphics
Studio #129

Art is Fluid.
After all the vanity trends of the late 20th century, explaining life to ourselves is what art is about in the 21st century, just like a millennium before. My art explores the fluid nature of life in its simplest form, regardless of medium.



Jeffrey Blankfort
Studio #325

I have been documenting myriad aspects of the human condition for more than 40 years, the social and political, the funny and the sad, and have not lost my curiosity for what awaits me around the next corner.

“Farmworker, Sonoma, CA 1971”, Silver gelatin print 11”x14”




Robt. Burg
Studio #208

Oil Paintings telling non-linear stories, trying to solve the dark mysteries, walking the tight rope between the familiar and the strange.

“The Legend”, Oil on canvas 16”x20”


Victor Cartagena
Mixed Media
Studio #101

Victor will open his studio and allow visitors to view historical works that have been completed at various stages of his career.


Victor Cartagena, Untitled, Charcoal and Coffee Stain on Paper, 2003


Phil Deal
Studio #113


Over the years, the rapidity, directness and emphasized spontaneity of water color has proved to be a most effective medium for short circuiting the grip of my rational mind, thus opening a doorway into a more hidden realm of consciousness. The invisible is made visible by means of a personal pictorial script derived through various methods of psychic improvisation.


“Seek Ye the Light”




Tommy Deschaine
Studio #316

Tommy shoots for the fun of it, from the smiles on the faces of people he meets, to surreal textures of light and shadows, he captures the moment as he moves through it.

Rude Dog”




Dale Erickson
Studio #309

My paintings express my feelings about my everyday environment.

“Peppers”, Oil on canvas 20”x34”


Katia Fuentes
Studio #221


Katia Fuentes will present her new series of Iconic Medalls which explore the culture and history of Mexico and San Francisco. Made in black & white and color photography and printed traditionally and digitally. All exploring the idea of being, becoming and following a particular Icon or Saint taken from our ordinary life.


For bio and more info:



Jane Grossenbacher
Studio #129

Photographs, photogravures and polymer gravures with images from Spain, Morocco, New Mexico and California will be exhibited at Project Artaud’s Open Studios. Spontaneous experiences have been a theme in my images for many years. Black and white provides the simple, complicated, mysterious and beautiful at the same time- the essential elements of spontaneity. Current work: A portfolio of dancer and choreographer Eleanor King, a collection of solarized and toned photographs, etchings, and a forthcoming artist’s book.

“Horses”, Polymer photogravure 11”x14”



Stanley Karter
Studio #124


An  observer and documentarist of American life, concentrating his vintage vision on the melding of film camerawork with digital transformation and archival ink printing.


His 2004 images are called Landscapes and Portraits.


“Workday” 2004, 11” x 17”



Carolina Lucero-Funes
Sculpture & Painting
Studio #217


Through sculpting and painting the artist continues to explore women’s matters and their role in today’s world.




Javier Manrique
Graphics, Painting
Studio #216

My recent work is an organic formal approach, an open oeuvre of form and color, free within a structure.

“Rhymeless Verse”, 2003 Woodcut Print, Edition of 5


Carrie Nardello
Studio #215

Carrie Nardello’s work has a rich and varied vocabulary derived from her imagination and the language of the chatty unconscious.

Her universal imagery, choice of bold color and childlike rendering elicit response and an emotional connection in the viewer.

“I love you in the mourning”, Oil on canvas 48”x36”



Alon Picker
Studio #110

“invein,” Color coupler print 18” x 18”



Quorey Golob
Painting and Sculpture
Studio #110

“FREUDIAN SLIP,” Mixed Media 39” x 22” x 7”



Morgan Raimond
Studio #217

Working for over two decades with metal,  Morgan Raimond has found the exploration of naturalistic forms that are possible with Iron to be his passion.



Bern Rauch
Studio #302


I construct my images for my own spiritual & psychic satisfaction & enjoyment and to impart whatever meaning & pleasure viewers might derive from them.



Jonah Roll
Studio #221

“My work is an honest assessment of the moment,
clouded by outbursts of fantastic delusions”

Influenced by watery beginnings in Hawaii and recent wanderings in Latin America, Roll’s work takes viewers on a journey to a surreal destinations with images imbedded in his original and stylized reality. His paintings are made with oils and acrylics on canvas, wood and found objects.




Pico Sanchez
Painting, Graphics
Studio #121

For me Art the connection to life, is a dialogue with time, and is a force. Art provides energy to communicate with my community and within myself. Is a support to growth as individual and as an artist.  Is a constant development and discovering of the outside and inside.


Clarence Towers
Studio #102

Clarence Towers has been making images of the west for the past sixteen years. His travels in the Northwest, the West and the Southwest have produced images of the western lifestyle and landscape and beyond. The black & white and color images of locations from Montana to Hawaii to Texas reflect a passion for the history and life of the West and the abstract landscapes found in these regions.

Colour coupler print 16”x16”