Public Spaces 2

Traveling Jewish Theatre
mission is to create and perform original works of theatre, as an ensemble
and in collaboration with theatre artists from different cultural and ethnic
backgrounds, that contribute to a generous vision of the human condition.
A Traveling Jewish Theatre (ATJT) strives to create work that speaks to
our common humanity through the specific experiences evolving from diverse
Jewish traditions. As such, the work has a wide appeal as well as being
deeply rooted in the Jewish community. The vitality of the work comes, in
no small measure, from the company’s willingness to take risks in both the
form and content of the theatre it creates. ATJT recognizes that the roots
of theatre lie in the realm of the mythic, the sacred and the communal and
that theatre can be an instrument of healing for people and cultures.
of Yugen
dedicated to creating new fusion theater, which combines classical Asian theater
stylizations with challenging and socially conscious themes and media. Artistic
Directors’ Miko Lee and Michael Edo Keane bring many innovative and exciting
changes to Theatre of Yugen’s 2000-2001 season. They will bring their backgrounds
in documentary video and multi-media to their productions. Originally founded
in 1978 by Yuriko Doi, Theater of Yugen has expanded from showcasing traditional
Japanese classical forms to incorporate the Pan-Asian diaspora. Master Mentor
Artists in Noh, Kyogen, Kabuki, Kathakali, Chinese Opera and Balinese Mask Performance
will train the Yugen company to explore a new Pan-Asian-American stylized tradition.
Each Mainstage Season will consist of three productions: Classical adaptation;
Family-oriented; and Contemporary. The ongoing, experimental Monday Night Series
has been expanded to every Monday throughout the year.
offers an outlet
for artists to exhibit, teach and interact with the broader community. Our
unique, artist-run programs nurture a broad range of innovative, risk-taking
contemporary art in an accessible environment reaching out to the diverse
audiences of the Bay Area and the world. Visual Arts Exhibitions: Feature
individual and group shows in two galleries. Known for their consistent
high quality, exhibitions at Southern Exposure are pivotal in many artists’
careers. Southern Exposure is also the only local venue to present an annual
juried exhibition which does not charge an entry fee and provides each exhibiting
artist with an honorarium. Events: Includes lectures, performances, artists’
talks, panels and symposia which create a forum on contemporary aesthetic,
sociopolitical and cultural issues. The Artists in Education Program (AIE)
engages community organizations, students and artists in a dynamic, educational
forum promoting cultural and personal awareness. Working with over 450 students
annually, artists conduct workshops sparking dialogue on contemporary issues
including identity, culture, racism, and the environment. With the decline
of art taught in the public schools and the lack of positive, creative outlets
for youth, AIE fills a crucial need in the community.

exists to support and nurture
innovative performing artists by presenting projects diverse in discipline
and culture, and providing a versatile, flexible performance space conducive
to the development of new work and its audiences. Theater Artaud was founded
in 1972 by a group of artists as the performance center of Project Artaud,
and in 1984, was independently incorporated. Named after French visionary
Antonin Artaud, the Theater is strongly influenced by his philosophy of
breaking down the physical, psychological and cultural barriers of traditional
theater. Originally occupied by the American Can Company factory, this industrial
space gives the Theater an atmosphere and dimension unique in the country.
The profile of artists who perform in the venue is varied, but all are creating
new work that is vital and crosses the boundaries of form, discipline, assumption
and convention – continually challenging expectations.