Project Artaud Theater

Rental Policy Outline

450 Florida Street, San Francisco

Capacity: 281
audience seats in standard configuration (with changes possible) – see seating

of audience and staff is 435 persons. 

For Booking Dates Contact: 415-626-4370 or visit

This document
is an introductory page with basic guidelines, it is not intended as a basis
for a contractual agreement.

Option One:

First priority is given to groups who wish to book the space for a minimum of one month at a rate of $4,000 per week.

We will book these groups up to 18 – 24 months in advance.

If a longer run is desired, a discounted rental rate can be negotiated depending on the overall impact of the production and other details.

 Option Two:

If a group would like less than one month then that group must wait until 6 months prior to load-in before they can book the space. For example, if 2 weeks are desired beginning with a load-in on November 1st, that group must wait until the previous April 1st before calling to see if the theater is available.

These are the basic parameters:

The rental includes a House Manager for 16 hours per week; subsequent hours must be paid for at an hourly rate.  Overtime after 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a payroll week is also charged to the rental client.

The rental also includes 20 hours of our Facility Manager’s time for the entire rental period (not each week).  This is intended to cover load-in and load-out period in an interface capacity and to ensure all systems are in working order.  Any additional hours or overtime will be charged to the rental client.  This is a supervisory position not a working head of department.

The rental includes the use of all theater owned equipment.  An inventory is available, however, Project Artaud Corporation does not make any guarantees on the condition of the equipment.

The rental does not include  any box office services.  There is a box office window, with a phone line for credit card authorization machines only; not for outgoing calls.  A deposit  for an additional phone will be required if a group is renting for a month or more.  The specific terms of this will need to be negotiated with the rental contract.

The rental does not include any concessions personnel or provisions.  At this time, PAC does not have a liquor license.  Clients with concessionaires wishing to offer alcohol for sale will be required to obtain an ABC license for the duration of their stay.

Each rental group must carry its own liability and workers compensation insurance.

Other particulars of this venue are covered in the Short Term License Agreement.